Black Powder / Cast Bullet - August 29, 2015

These rifles are works of art, if you have never been out to a Black Powder/Cast Bullet match, you need to do so. 
It will be worth your time.

This is a reproduction by H&R of the
1873 0fficers model trap door chambered in 45-70.  It’s the rifle General Custer carried at the battle of the big horn.

Thompson Center, dual triggers, 32" Green Mountain Barrel.

This is a Pedersoli reproduction of an 1874 Sharps falling block rifle, chambered in 45-70.

This rifle is a .32 cal. Flintlock, built recently by Leonard Henry of DeKalb Co. GA, in the pattern of a high-grade rifle
of the late 1700's. With its open sights and shooting from a rest it will group three balls into a single cloverleaf hole at 25 yds.
It's my favorite squirrel gun. 

This is a .45 cal. Cap lock, made by Bob Watts over fifty years ago.
With it I have "made meat" at shooting matches and on deer, hogs and turkeys  for over half a century.

I'm shooting a Thompson Center .50 caliber Renegade with double-set triggers.  It has a Thompson Center 1 in 66 twist patched
round ball barrel with 1-inch across the flats, which replaced the original 1 in 48 twist barrel.

  He is shooting a Thompson Center .36 caliber Cherokee with double-set triggers.

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