Defensive Pistol - February 18, 2017

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Stage 1.  At the buzzer we had to rise up from the cover (push plywood away) shoot the cup of red liquid nearby (head shot on closest bad guy & then go after the rest of the bad guys.

Stage 2. Started in a pick up truck.  We were told that we fell asleep in a vehicle after a night of partying.  We were awakened to beating on the truck.  While sitting in the car, we accessed our firearm and shot 4 targets.  Then we exited the vehicle, ran toward the back, changed magazine, and shot more targets from cover of the pick up.

Stage 3.  Special ops in Iraq.  First you have to disarm the IED (little white box) then take out 1st set of bad guys.  Then you have to move to cover to reload with only one hand, because your other are got hit, and take out the other bad guys shooting with one hand.
Whew!  What at day!

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