Annual Meeting - April 18, 2023

Ruby Rhinesmith sold Club merchandise                                                                                                                  

Diane Hamilton and Peggy Sue Sampson did a wonderful job with ingles, the food was great!

Thad Bynum holds the 2 rifles, some lucky members will win.

                                                    Winner of club hat.                                                Ken and Peggy Sue Sampson gave a report about the Cowboy Action Match

Guest Speaker, Union County Sheriff, Mack Mason                                                                 Another door prize winner

Bill Christy, American Legion Sporter Air Rifle program in N. C.                             Towns County Fire Chief, Harold Copeland                                                  

Guest Speaker: Cliff Bradshaw, Towns County Sole Commissioner

Minister Butch Jones gave the invocation                                     Guest Speaker: Jeremy Clough ~ Told us about some beautiful old guns.

Door Prize winners

Door Prize winners

Keith McMahan - winner of the Henry .22 mag rifle                                                                               Dan Bond - winner of the .22 Browning rifle

2022 Shootist Awards Winners

4th place, Dave Hickerson - 5th place, Mike Clare - 6th place, Gene Cooley - 7th place, Keith McMahan
8th, Audy James - 9th, Jerome Schreiber - 10th, John Kremski

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