I have original boxes for most rifles. Contact John by email, DUTM22@gmail.com


M-1 Carbine, Winchester, 30 cal. sporterized stock and dated stock included. Marlin, YN 15, .22 S, L, LR., Single shot.

Keltec Sub 2000, 9 MM, S&W mag well, 2 forends. SOLD

FNH PS-90, 57X28, 50 shot.

F. LLI PIETTA, BLACK POWDER, .44 Cal., S/S, ARMY Target, adj. sights. HAWES, BLACK POWDER, .36 Cal., made in Italy. S&W 659, 9mm, S/S, adj. sights, hogue grips. Beretta, 92FS, 9mm, INOX, Custom trigger, Mag. Release, Hogue grips, fastfire3. FNH 57X28., Beretta Cheetah .380, Keltec P-32

Browning Buckmark, .22 l.r., S/S, lam. Grips S&W 651-1, .22 Mag., S/S, Kit Gun. Walther P-.22 l.r. Ruger MKI, .22 l.r., Hogue grips, Grendel P-30 (two), 30 shot, .22 Mag., predecessor to Keltec PMR 30., Keltec PMR30 .22 mag 30 shot.